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"It's a Playlist YEAH YEAH YEAH"

Playlist? YEAH

Failed-creatives Mike (former actor and comedian) & Ceri (former art student and musician) made a mixtape. Now they shove it down their guests throats and make them make choices they never thought they'd have to. Mike's mum is there also as is former Australian Tennis Player Pat Cash!


?? ??? 2022


London | Berlin | London

Guest: Dan Bendal

Former DJ

6 Aug 2022

EP015: Over/Underplayed! YEAH 

London | Berlin | Brussels

Guest: Bárbara Mendes Jorge

31 May 2022

EP014: Funky Mum Bangers

London | Berlin | London

Guest: Emily McQuade

Comedian / Devil Times Five

16 Mar 2022

EP013: Pig Squeals

London | Berlin | London

Guest: Peter Holland

10 Feb 2022

EP012: Andy Townsend's Nephew

London | Berlin | Derby

Guest: James Townsend

Lighting Technician

5 Jan 2022

EP011: Pornlist? YEAH

London | Berlin | Bracknell

Guest: Laura Thomas

23 Nov 2021

EP010: Method Man & Tom 

London | Berlin | Crawley

Guest: Tom Redman


27 Oct 2021

EP009: Mayonnaise or Tzatziki?

London | Berlin | Berlin

Guest: Marinos Michailidis

Ex-Tour Manager & Music Promoter

5 Oct 2021

EP008: Lethal Lizzal

London | Berlin | Oxford

Guest: Lizzie Shannon-Little


13 Aug 2021

EP007: Bond... Jamie Bond

London | Berlin | London

Guest: Jamie Allerton

WTD Comedy

22 Jul 2021

EP006: EP00SEXY!!!

London | Berlin | Cardiff

Guest: Heddwyn Davies

9 Jun 2021

EP005: Gangster Hamsters

London | Berlin | Luton

Guest: Ryan Hunt


16 May 2021


London | Berlin | London

Guest: Rob Jenkins

Hillcrest Artists

19 Apr 2021

EP003: Charles & Joey

London | Berlin | Chepstow

Guest: Joe Howden

7 Apr 2021

EP002: Crapology

London | Berlin | London

Guest: Iain Ashby


27 Mar ​2021

EP001: Samuel L. Dutton

London | Berlin | London

Guest: Sam Dutton 


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